WAVF SELECTION has launched an in-depth cooperation with M & G Morning Light Stationery. As the only product agent of M&G in North America, we work closely with M&G Company.

Chenguang Stationery has established a "full-process design system" from consumer value design, to product design, to product mold development, and then to brand image design. It adopts a trend-oriented, themed, and experiential development model, taking consumer insights as the starting point. Develop new products from a full category perspective.

The company has a strong technical center research laboratory, which leads many technical research projects including the "Thirteenth Five-Year Project". Chenguang Industrial Park also assumes major responsibilities such as China's pen-making industrial base, China's pen-making center, national industrial design center, and China's key laboratory of light industry pen-making engineering technology.

Chenguang implements a brand manufacturing model of "production based on sales, combining independent production and OEM outsourcing production". It has independent raw material procurement, product production and sales systems, has established its own brand in the market, and has stationery design, research and development , full industry chain advantages of manufacturing and sales.

Based on years of large-scale manufacturing experience, independent mold research and development capabilities, a stable supply chain system, a complete quality control system and the introduction of various information management systems, Chenguang has excellent manufacturing quality control levels in large-scale manufacturing situations.

Chenguang Stationery has obvious first-mover advantages and leading advantages in the breadth and depth of retail terminal network coverage in the stationery industry. At present, the company has 36 first-level partners, and second- and third-level partners covering 1,200 cities across the country.

In addition, Chenguang has established distribution systems and procurement networks in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries.