WAVF SELECTION has launched in-depth cooperation with MOYU Culture. As MOYU's only product agent in North America, we work closely with MOYU.

Moyu Culture Co., Ltd. is located in the urban area of Chenghai, which is known as China's "Toys and Gifts City". The unique geographical and resource advantages have opened the door for Moyu Culture to pursue its dreams.

Since its establishment, Moyu Culture has continuously made new achievements in the Chinese toy industry and has grown into a professional fashion educational toy company integrating R&D, production and sales. As a large-scale export-oriented enterprise, we have dreams and vitality, just to let more people witness the power of innovation and the pace of growth with us.

Innovation is the driving force for enterprise development, and it is also the eternal theme of Moyu's development. Between the strokes, there is a burst of inspiration, and during exploration, there is the courage to subvert. We are exploring higher areas in the toy industry with many designers who have dreams.

Only breakthroughs can lead to progress, and innovation can lead to high-quality products. A large-scale production base of more than 30,000 square meters, advanced automated manufacturing equipment, and highly skilled production workers have created the possibility for Moyu Culture to realize its brand dream. Keeping pace with the times and striving for excellence, we only make fashionable educational toys that require exquisiteness.

Today, Moyu has stood out in the educational toy industry with the highest quality products and services, and was the first to pass the national CCC certification. Its main products include Rubik's cubes, magic rulers, building blocks, stacking cups, three-dimensional mazes, trick toys and other categories. The products cover different age groups, focus on the technological education and intellectual development of children and teenagers, and accompany hundreds of millions of children and teenagers around the world to spend happy time.
In addition, the brands created by Moyu Culture are also showing vigorous vitality (subtitles: Moyu Culture, Rubik's Cube Classroom, Onion Design, Guoguan, Mojue, Magic Hand Speed, Letao, Senhuan, Yancheng) and continue to show Moyu’s unique design insights.