Acrylic Painting Set 36 Colors


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36 Colors

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Acrylic Painting Set Supply

  • Vibrant Palette: A journey of artistic expression with this Set of 36 Paint colors.
  • Intensely Pigmented Formulation: Each 12ml tube of Acrylic paint boasts a concentrated formula, delivering vivid and enduring hues.
  • Seamless Mixing and Application: The versatile nature of acrylic paints allows effortless blending, fostering an extensive spectrum of color possibilities. Compatible with various canvases and surfaces.
  • Rapid Drying Capability: Experience the efficiency of Acrylic Paint as it swiftly dries, minimizing waiting periods.
  • Wholesale Supplied: Wavf offers Wholesale Art Products.Click to view more Art Paint.

Acrylic Painting Set