Water Color Paint Brush Set 4pcs-set

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Specification:Water Color Paint Brush Set 4pcs
Features:Soft and flexible round nibs to paint a good effect of watercolor
Certificate:ISO9001, 45001, 14001
Lead Time:2-3weeks



Paint Brush







  • Soft Brush Hair: This Water Color Paint Brush set comprises high-quality nylon wool, a nickel-plated copper tube, and a wooden pen handle. It is a set of brushes delicately with solid, flexible, durable, and washable bristles.
  • Product Description: The Water Color Paint Brush set includes 4 brushes of different sizes in one pack. The four brushes can be used with different colors, making the painting rich in color and unique.
  • Smooth Body for Comfortable Holding: WAVF brushes have a smooth and chic wooden pen handle, glossy and odorless. The touch is comfortable, and holding it will not harm your hands.
  • Portable and Easy to Clean: The round-headed design facilitates smooth painting and is easy to clean. Simply wash the brushes with water and then air dry in a cool, dry place.
  • Practical Brushes: The brush set is suitable for various painting and drawing, such as acrylic, watercolor, and ink painting. It’s never too late to start learning painting at any time.Water Color Paint Brush Set (1)