Double Ended Markers MG 24 Colors


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Double Ended Markers for School

  • Innovative Dual-Ended Design: The Double-Ended Markers MG redefines versatility with an innovative dual-ended design, featuring a fine-tipped liner on one end and a broad, flat filler on the other.
  • Vibrant 24 Colors Markers: Immerse yourself in a rich spectrum of colors with our 24 colors markers, specifically crafted for drawing enthusiasts. This set provides a vibrant palette, ensuring your artwork is infused with dynamic and expressive hues.
  • Double Ended Marker Pens Precision: Designed for comfort and control, the Double-Ended Marker Pens boast an ergonomic build, preventing rolling during use. This ensures stability and precision in your drawings, making the artistic process more enjoyable.
  • MG Stationery Wholesale Offering: Introduce our Markers to your art supplies collection with WAVF wholesale.Click to view more Marker Pens.

Double Ended Markers MG