Binder Clips 32mm

SKU: ABS92767


Specification:32 pieces per box
design:Durable nickel-plated arms
Features:Unqiue Anti-cracking PET box
lead time:2-3weeks

Blue, Yellow, Bud Green, Red

Binder Clips Supply

  • Strong Material:Our binder clip is made of tempered steel, durable and rust-resistant.
  • Excellent fixation:Spring-tight clip helps to keep large stacks of loose paper securely fastened together.
  • Wide application: Get these paper clamps for office, home, school, and crafts. They are ideal for providing instant binding for groups of documents and closing open frozen veggies, and bags of chips.
  • Clips Supplies: Wavf offers Binder Clips Supply, Click to view more Clips.

Binder Clips