Utility knife 18mm Manual Lock


Specification: Utility knife 18mm manual lock
design:Blister Card Package
Features:Convenience Auto-Lock design,lock as you need
lead time:2-3weeks

Blue, Yellow, Red

Utility Knife Wholesale

  • Exactly what You Need:The utility knife has economical and disposable box cutting blades.Comfortable grip and wider retractable blade.
  • Cutting with Easy:Ready to use, cut and toss or keep some around as a spare utility knife in your garage, tool kit, home, and office.
  • Sturdy Plastic Handle:Made from high-impact ABS plastic, the handle is big enough to provide extra leverage for tougher cutting projects. The stainless steel channel keeps the blade firmly in place for safe operation. There’s also a keychain hole.
  • Custom Ratchet Lock Control:Designed with safety in mind, our box cutter’s ratchet-based locking system provides custom cutting depths. The blade slider has a wheel locking mechanism for unlimited positions when securing the blade in place.
  • Safe & Easy:Blade for deep and easy cutting. Prevent blade slipping with the safety lock tab. Always keep your blade fresh and sharp by snapping off the blade for a new sharp cutting tip.
  • Knife in Bulk: Wavf offers Utility Knife Wholesale, Click to view more Utility Knife.

Utility Knife