Retractable Ball Pens 0.7mm 40pcs-pack

SKU: ABP82780


Ink Color:Blue
Features:Swiss Nib & German Ink
Certificate:ISO9001, 45001, 14001
Lead Time:2-3weeks


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Wholesale Ballpen for your store

  • Unique Floral Design:
    Elevate your writing experience with our Retractable Ball Pens, featuring an artistic floral pattern wrapping the pen’s exterior.Furthermore, this unique aesthetic makes a statement, blending fashion and functionality seamlessly.
  • Smooth and Enduring Writing Experience:
    Immerse yourself in a consistently smooth and enduring writing experience with 0.7mm blue ink.The fine 0.7mm tip ensures precision and clarity,colored ball pens providing a remarkable writing performance.
    Consequently, each stroke becomes a testament to the pen’s reliability and enjoyable functionality.
  • Sleek Plastic Composition:
    Crafted from durable plastic, our Retractable Ball Pens boast a sleek and elongated design, providing a comfortable grip.
    This alignment with eco-friendly values makes our pens a responsible and stylish choice.
  • Functional and Elegant Design:
    The retractable feature, paired with a petite pen clip and a 0.7mm tip, adds a layer of convenience.This thoughtful design ensures a practical and stylish choice for various writing needs.
  • Versatile User Appeal:
    Whether you’re a student, office worker, or home-based professional, our ball pen retractable are designed to meet your unique writing needs.And school supplies selection.

Retractable Ball Pens