Erasable Gel Pen



Material: Plastic
Ink Color:Crystal Blue
Features:Top MIKUNI Ink & High Precision Tungsten Carbide Tip – Smooth Writing
Certificate:ISO9001, 45001, 14001
Lead Time:2-3weeks
Package Size


Package Weight


Packing Quantity




Writing Thickness


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Blue, Green, Orange, Pink

Erasable Gel Pen

  • Reversible and Eradicable: Our Erasable Pen, also known as the Reversible Gel Pens, allows you to write and erase effortlessly, ensuring a mistake-free writing experience. It’s the perfect solution for neat and precise work, whether in school, office, or creative projects.
  • Erasable and Convenient: Experience the convenience of our Erasable and Convenient Gel Pen. With a simple swipe, your mistakes vanish, leaving behind a clean, smudge-free surface. It’s the ideal tool for professionals and students seeking perfection in their work.
  • Versatile and Multicolored: Our Erasable Pen comes in a variety of vibrant colors, adding a splash of creativity to your writing. Its Multicolored feature allows you to switch between colors effortlessly, making it suitable for diverse tasks and artistic expressions.
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Erasable Gel Pen