Gel Pen With Eraser 0.5mm 12pcs-pack



Ink Color:Black
Features:Swiss Nib & German Ink
Certificate:ISO9001, 45001, 14001
Lead Time:2-3weeks


Ink Color








  • Gel Pen With Eraser for Crossword Puzzles: We play sudoku crossword puzzles with kids on weekends and I opt for these erasable ink pens for pencils. I like these gel ink pens, they are more vibrant and bold. What I’m filling in is easy to see clearly in a word-game puzzle of black print.
  • Keep neat and clean: The special ink will disappear by friction heating through the “rubber eraser”. The softness of the rubber eraser is moderate, neither damaging my paper, nor shredding, falling out, or wearing down fast.
  • Confident Writing: These erasable ballpoint pens make kids even more confident writing in pen because they know they can erase and rewrite. These heat gel pens with erasers will be great for planners,such as teachers.
  • Do not use on important documents: Please do not leave pens and notebooks in the car or exposed to the sun. Please do not use these gel pen with eraser for examination paper, legal, official documents, envelopes or signatures.
  • Practical Gifts for School Supplies: Stationery is usually used for personal use and gifts, the demand is large, the market is relatively large, wavf can provide perfect service and have a high profitability of the product, to help you start your business at a minimum cost!

Gel Pen With Eraser