Pen Eraser



Specification:single package
Features:High erasing rate, erase clean & less rubber crumbs
Certificate:ISO9001, 45001, 14001
Lead Time:2-3weeks
Packing Quantity



Plastic, Rubber

Pen Eraser Detail

  • Safe and reliable material:Our pencil eraser is made of high-quality rubber, soft, flexible, and durable.
  • Practical Design:The quality pencil sliding eraser is designed with a push-pull design, the eraser can be pushed out of its protective shell for use.
  • Pink Eraser:The retractable eraser doesn’t use complex design and pattern but chooses a simple design and bright colors.
  • Wide range of applications:You can use the bright cute retractable erasers in the office, school, home, outdoors, and other places for studying, writing, sketching, drawing, etc.
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Pen Eraser Detail