Pastel Retractable Highlighter Set 6pcs-set

SKU: AHM27305


Ink Color:Yellow,Orange,Pink,Green,Blue,Purple
Features:Quick-drying,Non-toxic, Odourless,Safe To Use
Certificate:ISO9001, 45001, 14001
Lead Time:2-3weeks
Ink Color

Black, Blue, Red





Pastel Retractable Highlighter Set

  • Pastel Perfection:Unleash your creativity with our Pastel Retractable Highlighter Collection. These dreamy hues add a subtle and sophisticated touch to your notes, making studying or working a delightful experience.
  • Quick-drying Brilliance:Elevate your highlighting game with the top-rated Pastel Ink Highlighters Set. The quick-drying formula ensures your notes remain pristine, allowing you to maintain a neat and organized aesthetic without any smudging.
  • Retractable Convenience:Say goodbye to lost caps and hello to convenience with our Pastel Retractable Highlighters. The retractable design not only keeps your highlighters fresh but also makes them easy to use on the go – perfect for busy professionals and students.
  • Top-rated Pastel Ink Highlighters Set:Indulge in the luxurious charm of our Top-rated Pastel Ink Highlighters Set. Each highlighter in this collection is a work of art, providing a smooth and vibrant pastel stroke that sets your notes apart.Click to view more Highlighter Pen.

Pastel Retractable Highlighter Set