WAVF SELECTION is a professional service company that serves B2B clients in North America. We are dedicated to assisting store owners in overcoming daily challenges related to product expansion.

With a specialized product selection team and long-term partnerships with multiple data companies, WAVF utilizes market data as a sample to offer support in selecting more suitable products for our partners.

Leveraging our flexible minimum order quantities and fast shipping services, WAVF has garnered strong support and favor from local retailers.

To enhance service quality and satisfaction, we have established multiple overseas warehouse services across North America, enabling direct doorstep delivery for small batch orders. This significantly improves customer timeliness and resolves issues related to customer inventory backlog.

Provide reliable solutions for your supply chain transportation

Available in 20+ Countries
Solutions for 80+ Cases
Meet individual needs, customer satisfaction 96.67%
Stable supply chain guarantee

Local Storage

WAVF owns 12 warehouses globally, including 8 in the U.S., with a total storage area of approximately 3,000 square feet.WAVF has integrated resources from our long-term carrier partners FedEx and UPS and multiple retail stores like Walmart, HomeDepot, Staple, etc, and served more than 50 eCommerce businesses.

Rapid Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a long-term service provided by Wavf, which has already served 80+ projects. With dropshipping, buyers do not need to worry about inventory management issues. We have multiple local and overseas warehouses to ensure that the goods are delivered to the buyer's hands as quickly as possible. This facilitates quicker and more accurate business decisions, and helps achieve our clients' goals.

Reliable supply chain partner

Wavf integrates certified Chinese suppliers to bring cutting-edge designs and low-volume products to buyers. We work directly with 500+ qualified and service-oriented suppliers across various industries, committed to helping more buyers connect with suitable suppliers quickly through online and offline channels and achieve success in their business.

Digital Management

Digital supply chain provides improved collaboration and communication between stakeholders in the supply chain, from suppliers to manufacturers to retailers. By leveraging digital technologies such as IoT, blockchain, and AI, we can enhance visibility and transparency, reduce lead times, and improve customer service.

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